3 Title Agent Marketing Tips

We’re well on our way to 2022, while the industry as a whole might be changing one thing remains the same. The need for a solid marketing strategy. If you’re feeling a bit lost as to where to start, look no further we’ve got three simple tips for you! One and Only You That’s right, … Continued

Top 6 House Hunting Tips

If you’re in the market for a new home, chances are you’ll need a good starting place and some helpful house hunting tips to go along.  Of course, buying a home is far from a proven formula as everyone has different opinions about not only how to buy a house, but what the perfect house … Continued

3 Things To Consider When Researching A Title Company

If you’re researching a title company, you’re most likely under contract with your new home.  Congratulations!  Buying a home is one of the most exciting and biggest decisions people make in their lifetimes. As you’ve likely already learned, one of these critical considerations includes choosing a title company to close on your home.     … Continued

Two-Factor Authentication: Why Is It Important for Real Estate Business?

With the ever-growing presence of cyber scams across websites, social media, and email accounts, knowing who you are engaging with on the other side of a screen is more important than ever. Recent cases of cyber scam attempts have shown an increase in those directed at the real estate industry with the intent of defrauding … Continued

How To Prepare Your Home for the Next Storm

News of recent hurricanes, heavy storms, and flash flooding have shed an incredible light on the importance of home preparation. While many believe this chaotic storm season ends after the heat of Summer, hurricane season doesn’t end officially until November 30th. Beyond hurricanes, Nor’easters occur year-round along the East Coast. Precipitation from these disastrous storms … Continued